Having trouble finding the right
CTO to launch your startup?

INFOUNDER Company is a team of startups enthusiasts helps entrepreneurs non-technical founders to improve their products.

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Building a startups that just our works

We cover all technological details focusing on the startup aim and ensuring high visibility of the future product with prototyping.

CTO as a service

we’ll help you launch your first product sooner, which means burning less cash. Infounder promote reuse of proven open-source and in-house solutions while focusing on the key idea and stripping out the rest.

friendly payment plan

we know you are bootstrapping founders and we are bootstrapped too, so we can work together to build your startups with 15% down payment and the remaining sum is spread over 12 monthly installments.

Affordable Prices for Small Startups 👏

we’ll be there to help

We’re working fast to build engaging prototypes and landing pages to help you make sure the idea is commercially viable before you invest too much.

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Improved product

We help you make a right technology choice, because we are about quality and lasting relationship.

Planning Execution

Improved Planning

Putting the right plans together, getting the right people on the team in the right positions and then ensuring everyone is properly aligned and focused on execution.

2 Month Improvement30%

Improved Execution

We pick engineers, who best suit your needs, and arrange an efficient workflow to complete all works according to the plan we draw together.

6 Month Improvement90%

What Founders Are Saying

With over many Startups and entrepreneurs using our CTO as a service, INFOUNDER has become an industry leader.

We collaborated with INFOUNDER on a critical project requiring a rapid mastering of new technologies. The results of the work revealed that all the tasks were performed with the proper quality.

We have enjoyed the work with INFOUNDER company. The main focus was on the development of new functionalities for our complex billing system of accounting rendered multimedia services.

I had pleasure to work with INFOUNDER in a development project for my company in France. I am very satisfied with the work they have done. good luck and further professional success

Get help from our Software engineering developers and build your first product.